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Technical requirements

For proper system performance, JavaScript must be enabled in the browser. For details on turning this feature on and off, see the user documentation of the browser you are using.

The system has been developed and tested to work with the following types of browsers:

Right now, in our survey observations, the system works best with the Google Chrome browser.

Our recommendation is always to try to use modern and more powerful computers, and always work with the latest up-to-date version of your browser.


Questions about digital signature

  • How can I acquire qualified digital signature?

    Commission for communications regulation maintains a registry of certification services providers issuing qualified digital signature certificates. It is necessary to buy from any of the providers a qualified digital signature containing PIN.

  • How do I install a digital signature?

    If you own a qualified digital signature issued by a registered by CRC certification services provider, you must contact the provider or check the "Installation instructions" and "Instructions for use" sections in his website.


  • Qualified digital signature

    The legal definition of a qualified digital signature is defined in Art. 16 of the Law on Electronic Document and Digital Signature. It may only be issued by a certification services provider with a certificate of a qualified digital signature. Each person to whom qualified digital signature was issued is associated uniquely with its author, it is guarantee for the authorship of the statements made by the signature's holder and is designed in a way to limit the utmost possibility of improper attacks.

    Or figuratively, the electronic signature is a device resembling in appearance USB memory chip, credit card with chip or SIM card phone, on which is recorded the digital certificate (certificate of qualified digital signature).

  • Qualified digital signature containing PIN

    The system works only with qualified digital signatures containing PIN of an individual. Since providers are not required to include PIN in the signature, it is necessary to explicitly declare your desire for this.

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